Tactic's For new pirates

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Tactic's For new pirates

Post  SilverPhoenix on Tue Jun 03, 2008 11:08 pm

Twisted Evil The Buy & mug
This is where you pick a pirate with points on the market not in the injury ward you buy there points then start mugging them
if there offline its even better when you run out of nerve you can ward them then start mugging them when they come out again.
if you leave some meat on the bone then their event log will fill up with those that mugged them after you finished you can also invite you gang members to join in on the feast Very Happy

Bumping on the forum
This is where you bump topic's on the forum to the top, topic's like join [BBz] should be bumped up as often as you can.
Sink that row boat
If you sink the owners of a port with row boats 10 minutes before 12 that's less in the port making it easer to take.
another resond to sink row boats is to advatise the gang in the ward and repair yard for no cost

How I get RTS
Find high level pirates with ship's and ghost ship's Its based on the EXP from navel combat so pick the best targets you can
Ghost ship's Don't show up if you search for pirates with boats so have a better Win/loss ratio which effects the EXP you get so look for pirates with ghost ships Twisted Evil
I hope You can Refine these tactics improve them and come up with new One's. pirat


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Re: Tactic's For new pirates

Post  plopliar on Wed Jun 04, 2008 4:30 pm

how exactly do you bump up a post on the forum, just reply to it?


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