Bunnies Blessing or curse

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Bunnies Blessing or curse

Post  SilverPhoenix on Mon Jun 02, 2008 6:40 am

How to be a bunny

rule one: Be naked repairing equipment costs.
Rule two: charge based on your level 1 pnt per 10 levels
so start at level 30 at the higher levels get contracts and protection
rule three: be polite send them a bill if they respond politely fine if they don't
wrie it in you black book don't respond to threats rember be polite

bunnys can train just be careful if you just train your strenegth to keep inproving your job
you should be good if you train defence up slightly you can max out speed and seamen ship
you should heavly train seamen ship.

What to do online play the points market use points to get more points and turn a profit
get the best ship you can which is the ghostship that only shows up on profiles not as navel targett this lets you sink any A-holes with row boats like tutle and get exp plus millon an hour for RTS
use you money to get more points and money when you go off the clock to level use the best equipment you have and level as fast as you can


at low levels bountys work just use the taven to tell everyone
at higher levels nothing bets hired thugs for that pesonal touch
pocher protection offer a free hit for each online poacher warded
in your patch. And use your gang the real one not the bunny gang you use
so you gang can benefit
and if their in a row boat sink them for free.

The bunny gang
if you use the same bunny gang as your allies you can have two or more gangs protecting you
the control of this gang would have to be shared. And all the bunny's would have to support there gangs which pays for the protection.

How long do I be a bunny
that's up to you maybe between Lvl 450 and A new computer

Job for Ex-bunny
with all those boasters and awakes and points train for 24 hours in 2 hour blocks for the paranoid
and then go to your black book send each the following msg !! PAY BACK'S A BITCH !!
and do all the quests you need to reach some A-holes out of reach.
Remember points are your blood use them wisely .


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Change from v2 to v3

Post  Spade on Mon Jun 02, 2008 9:21 am

Nice summary:

One change from v2 to v3 --

It now takes 20-25 nerve refreshes per level rather than 10-11 nerve refreshes/level to complete a level. The "appropriate" charge on v3 may be accordingly higher (perhaps even 2 X [level/10]).

There also are some advantages to being a somewhat trained bunny:
1) You can control your clientele.
2) You potentially can serve as your own enforcer once weapons become stronger.
3) You can travel more freely in downports by equipping
4) In my experience, stronger players [your selected clients] are more willing to pay and also more capable of paying more for hits.

Be careful with this though, it's a fine line to walk.



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Re: Bunnies Blessing or curse

Post  The Guardian on Mon Jun 16, 2008 3:21 pm

i would like to know if our clan hits bunnys with out paying because some people have told me that our clan has been hitting their bunnys

The Guardian

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Re: Bunnies Blessing or curse

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